Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manual for Dinka Keyboard for Mac Users

What follows is a rough instruction for downloading the Dinka Keyboard for MAC users. Please if you are using windows then treat this as you would an email from someone who declares her/himself to be the daughter/son/wife of the late somebody and that s/he has a business proposal for you ;-)

0. Looi ëdë thɔn ë wuur? - That was just a Dinka Bor way of asking "How are ya buddy?". Let's get to the business now: are you a mac user or a windows user? How the heck does one figure this out? Well, when you shut down your computer do you click on the bottom left corner of your desktop screen or on the top left corner? If you say the bottom left, then you are using a windows and please stop reading now. If you say the top left corner, then continue on you are a comrade of mine;-).

1. First of all click on this link:

Then click on
The downloads window should pop up on your screen. You should be able to see the file name "dinka.bundle"

2. Leave the downloads window open but minimize everything else so that you see a clear desktop screen.

3. Double Click on the "Macintosh HD" icon

4. You must be the administrator of your computer in order to be able to do this. If you are, then click on "administratorname" for example for my computer the word in quote reads "danielakech" with no quote.

5. Under the administratorname Click on the LIBRARY folder [it is also possible to go from step 3 to 5].

6. Under library folder double click on KEYBOARD LAYOUTS folder to open it. It could be empty.

7. Now go back to the downloads window and grab "dinka.bundle" and drag it and drop it into the KEYBOARD LAYOUTS.

8. Now close everything and log out of your computer.

9. Log back on.

10. Click on the System Preferences tab located on the bottom of your screen [usually].

11. Double click on the LANGUAGE and TEXT [usually with a flag symbol]

12. Click on INPUT SOURCES

13. Scroll through the list of languages all the way to D and you should be able to bump into "Dinka". Check the box next to Dinka by clicking on it.

14. Close everything. You now have the Dinka Keyboard on your computer.

Where is it? The top right corner of your screen should have a flag [e.g US flag]. That tells you the language the keyboard is switched onto. So click on the flag and you should be able to see Dinka. Click on Dinka and now your keyboard is in Dinka mode.

To test it, open for example Microsoft word and then make sure you have Dinka checked so that the dinka keyboard will work. Then type "Q" and you should see "ŋ". The rest can be gotten by typing s, x, and f. To place dots above a vowel, you just press down ALT OPTION key while pressing the letter you want.

Now that you have your characters you want them displayed correctly and for this you need a nice font type. A list of fonts that work well for Dinka are listed here:


Anonymous said...

I am trying to learn Dinka,my boyfriend is from Aweil but he doesn't read or write Dinka,where can I go to learn?Feel free to email me

Apuk Ayuel said...

Thank you guys! Worked like a charm :-)